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Tips for planning your wedding by Denise Fenn

I’m Denise Fenn of Elegant Events by Denise, I have been established for 8 years and have done so many weddings over the years, at different venues, with different colours and styles. I absolutely love my job. It’s stressful at times, but I love meeting all the lovely couples. After all the planning and designs, I see the end result and how happy the Bride and Groom are with my work and it makes my job worthwhile! I specialise in most things for weddings and events from planning, bridal flowers, and chair styling to the very small details.

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming, you must be organised! Many couples don’t realise the cost of their wedding, so I help them budget for every style of wedding they require. I can help with finding a style/colour and then guide them in the right direction to help them find everything to make their dream wedding. I specialise in everything from bridal flowers to wedding signs and go that extra mile for the couples I work with to create their perfect day! 

The earlier you get planning, the easier and less stressful your planning will be, as your wedding day approaches. Having a clear plan before you start will keep you on top of everything and you won’t forget anything important. Insurance is a very good idea before the planning starts, a rough number of guests you would like to invite and your budget are the three main important things to start with. Don’t start anything until you have a realistic budget, that will not stretch you too far. It's very common for couples to go over their budget and forget all the little extras, you need to factor in all the details.

I know it's your big day, but don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for help. They will love to be involved with the planning of your special day. Sorting out the guest list early is important to determine which venue caters for the number of guests you want to invite, don’t feel guilt-tripped into having people at your wedding that you don’t want to attend. It’s a hard decision deciding who you would like to attend, but this must be both your decision and no one else’s! Find a venue, whether it’s a church, a barn, a manor house etc once you have your venue booked, you will have the date you are getting married and the planning can begin. You can now order your wedding stationery, there are so many designs and colours for your wedding invitations to choose from. Think about which colour you would like at your wedding and the style, this will help when choosing them. Once you have these, you can send them off and you will have a better idea of the number of guests you will have coming to your wedding.

Make sure you have a plan b, in case anything goes wrong on the day – the weather changing, someone being poorly etc plan alternatives, if you would like a garden wedding, make sure you have discussed plans to have the wedding inside if it does rain. This will stop any stress on your big day, as this is both your big day and you want to enjoy every minute.

Pick who you would like to play a big part in your day – someone to walk you down the aisle, your bridesmaids/flower girls, the best man, the groomsmen/page boys, these are important jobs on your wedding day. You need to pick wisely, people that are close to you and that you have known for a long time and that have a special place in your heart. You don’t want to look back at your photos in years to come and these people are no longer part of your lives.

Now for the dress, this is what you Brides have dreamed of choosing since you were a little girl (well most of you) think about what style you would like, as there are hundreds of different ones. Pick a shop that has been recommended to you and one that you feel comfortable at. You don’t want someone that is pushy or thinks it's ok to put you down to buy a very expensive dress. If the bridal shop you are going to makes you feel comfortable, they will advise you on which styles etc will suit your shape giving you ideas. Most professional bridal shop owners will take you out of your comfort zone showing you a dress you wouldn’t have dreamed of trying on and it could look amazing and be the one!

We recommend Capture House Weddings

Next, pick your photographer/videographer, this is a very important job at your wedding. This is the person that is going to help create the memories of your big day, to look back on. You will never be photographed more than on your wedding day so you need to get it right, don’t go for the cheapest one as you get what you pay for when it comes to the photos and video of your wedding. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good photographer/videographer, research very carefully, look at recommendations from other couples. You need to find someone that knows exactly what you want and the type of photos/video you would like - Capture House's Wedding Photography Essex Solutions are a great choice if you're looking for personal pictures for the day! Engagement shoots are a good idea because you get to know the photographer/videographer well and practise those poses!

Once you have your venue choose the caterers and which meal you would like, whether you want an a’ la carte meal, hog roast or a buffet. Make sure you taste all the options before you book and get caterers that have been recommended.

You want to feel great on your wedding day and in your wedding photos. The Bride needs to find a make-up artist and hairstylist that is highly recommended for herself and her bridesmaids. It’s a nice little touch if your budget can stretch to pay for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Grooms makeup too! You don’t want make-up that is too heavy and too much fake tan is a no-no! It is the Grooms responsibility to sort out the best man/groomsmen and Dads for the wedding, also involve him in the planning as it is both your special day. Most of the Grooms love getting involved in the food and the music! When you are thinking about your wedding incorporate your personalities in the details with all those personal touches.

You might not think you have a wedding theme, but you’ll have a wedding style and can be inspired by different themes and ideas.

Now for the flowers, have a look around for which flowers are in season for the time of year you are getting married and choose your favourite. Your florist will go through all this with you and create bespoke flowers for your wedding. They will create and design beautiful flowers to match your theme and style with both of your visions to wow you and your guests. This is where I can advise you and help with the designs, the same for the venue and table décor.

Venue and table décor - there are endless items to have for your wedding from elegant table centrepieces, chair styling, backdrops, post boxes, signs, light up lights, table plans, the list goes on… These can be matched to your colour theme and style and that’s where I can help with ideas and options to create your perfect day. We can transform a basic venue into an exquisite venue that will take your breath away, with stunning event decor. Working with the Bride and Groom to explore their ideas and really understand their needs and dress the entire venue according to your specific requirements.

Book your honeymoon, this is time for you both to celebrate the big day and relax and spend time with each other, away from it all. Talk to travel consultants and research online to see where would be perfect for you.

As the big day draws closer and all the planning has finished and the big day has arrived, please remember wedding planning is stressful but first and foremost you need to both enjoy the planning and your special day.

Happy planning and I hope you have the best day!

Denise Fenn

Elegant Events by Denise

t: 07958 353990





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