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The Best Wedding Suits

When it comes to weddings, grooms are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a wedding suit. Some wedding suit jackets are better suited to sunny weather while others are better suited to a colder season. Here are some of our favourite wedding suits for your wedding day.

Our favourite wedding suits

Tweed Suits

Tweed is a very popular wedding suit fabric, but nowhere else as popular as when matched with wedding dresses. Regardless of their origins, it has a variety of crucial differences in style between those worn by your grandparents and those available today.

Reworking Classical will be huge this year and it will look great with any dress. Nods to the tradition with yours as three-pieces with vintage-inspired waistcoats or be minimalist with your design and put the style in place. This is definitely one of the best wedding suits to look into for your big day, especially if it's in the cooler months as the material will give you protection from the cold weather.

Here are some examples of our favourite tweed wedding suits.

Black-Tie Wedding Suit

Black tie wedding suits have become a stylish and timeless classic for modern grooms. Since being popularized in the 19th century, wedding suits featuring a black jacket, commonly paired with matching trousers, are still considered the go-to choice for wedding parties all over the world.

Whether it’s accessorized with accessories like a straight-out-of-the-catwalk tie, cummerbund or cravat or kept more classically simple with a crisp white shirt, wedding suit jackets work in perfect harmony to ensure the maximum level of sophistication. Not only are these wedding suit jackets fashionable and elegant but they are also incredibly comfortable and make an amazing choice for both regular weddings as well as destination weddings. It’s no wonder why these wedding suits have remained popular over the generations!

You could add some style and fun to the suit jacket by opting for a velvet material. This comfortable material will keep your partner's hands all over you. These can be harder to find on the high street despite being very much in fashion/on-trend.

Here are some of our favourite examples of our grooms rocking full black tie on their wedding day.

Lounge Suit

Lounge suits are the wedding suit of choice for grooms who want to look stylish and classy on their wedding day. The timeless elegance of a tailored lounge suit and its many combinations, such as a three-piece suit with a pocket watch, has long made it the best wedding suit of choice.

With new variations on classic groom style coming out every season, lounge suits offer a great variety of looks to choose from, allowing a groom to find the perfect wedding attire. High-quality tailoring ensures that lounge suits provide both comfort and fashion while providing an unforgettable impression on wedding guests.

Lounge suits are one of the most common wedding suits as they're great if you're on a budget and they can also be used after your wedding day if you attend another wedding reception or casually if you pair the jacket with a t-shirt and jeans.

Here are some examples of the groom wearing lounge wedding suits on their big day.

Double-breasted suit

Double-breasted jackets have been a style staple since the 1920s, and their timeless look has made them a classic in every gentleman’s wardrobe. The most noticeable difference between single-breasted blazers and double-breasted suits is that a single-breasted blazer usually consists of two panels with one side overlapping the other, while double-breasted Suits are made up of two panels that overlap each other all the way down.

The addition of extra fabric in double-breasted designs creates a more draped silhouette which gives an aura of authority to anyone wearing it. This timeless look can be worn on any occasion to show power and sophistication without being too overbearing. Some do feel restricted wearing a double-breasted suit but sometimes groom style is more important than comfort on your big day. The double-breasted blazer is certainly here to stay as one of the best wedding suits.

Linen Suit jacket

Linen suits are a great choice for destination weddings. The lightweight fabric makes them ideal for warm climates, and the relaxed tailoring gives the groom an effortless sense of style that perfectly complements casual destination venues.

Moreover, linen suits come in a variety of colours and can be easily customized to match any destination wedding colour palette. Furthermore, linen suits are extremely breathable, granting the groom some added comfort on his big day. As such, destination weddings are undoubtedly the best place for a groom to wear this timeless suit fabric.

Linen suits also lend themselves to being a bright colour if you would like to be bold at your summer wedding. Blue is a very on-trend colour for a wedding taking place on the beach.

Floral print & patterned suit

Grooms wearing floral print or patterned suits has become an increasingly popular choice for weddings. We're no longer limited to the traditional striped, plaid, and solid colours for men's formalwear for special occasions. Whether the wedding is held in the countryside or a modern city venue, there's nothing quite like pulling off an eye-catching outfit featuring beautiful blooms and intricate patterns that express personality and style.

Couples can make this look uniquely their own by selecting colours and designs that perfectly match their theme. With all of the great options available today, grooms everywhere can feel comfortable expressing themselves with fashion while they walk down the aisle on their big day.

What is a groom's suit called?

Tuxes and suits have evolved over tens of thousands of years. Satisfaction. A sleeveless tux has satin lapels, satin buttons and satin side stripes on the leg.

What colour should a groom wear?

It is best to use black tuxedos for any occasion. But the colour of the three pieces of clothing is the greatest to accentuate the personality of the grooms.

What should a bride wear to a wedding?

Generally, the bride can wear floor-length formal dresses without highlighting ankles and if the ceremony appears less formal, an elegant cocktail dress may even be acceptable. There are a wide range of styles for brides to choose from. Head to the high street and try on as many as you can!

Can you wear a suit as a bride?

For sure! Wedding suit for brides has increased in popularity and many brides have chosen to have this instead of a gown at their ceremony or for another look.

Can I wear a dress and blazer to a wedding?

Absolutely. This has seen a big increase in popularity as it's another way to be bold and add more personality to your outfit. A satin jacket or silk jacket could be a good option for you to as an easy way to stay warm at a colder wedding while still feeling gorgeous and in style.

Which colour suit is best for a wedding day?

The typical suit colour for formal weddings is grey charcoal, black, and midnight blue. However, you should not be afraid to show style by opting for a more vibrant colour such as pink or adding a pattern. You could add individuality to all wedding suits with accessories.

How do groomsmen dress differently from grooms?

There are a few ways that the groom dresses differently from the groomsman. Afterall, we don't want the bride marrying the wrong person! Usually the style is the same but the groom may where a different style or colour jacket. Buttonholes are another way that the groom can stand out by wearing a larger buttonhole for their wedding.

What can a groom wear instead of a suit?

Vests or waistcoats provide an informal look for alternative grooming attire. Despite lacking special grooming clothes, a waistcoat along with a shirt and trousers looks equally good. A few other styles, like Tweed vests, give a formal but casual look.


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