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Photo Albums



Photographs are meant to be experienced. Some of our teams fondest childhood memories involve rummaging through old boxes of photos. It wasn’t just the content of the photos that we loved – but the entire experience of discovery. What would we look at next? What would we uncover? If two photos were stuck together, we would carefully prize them apart so we could discover what lay hidden away. It was the smell of the paper and the brittle feeling in our hands. It was the yellowing corners and the names scribbled on the back in biro.

When Capture House Weddings photographs your big day, you are buying the experience that your children, grandchildren and even ancestors. They will flip the pages and debate who was who. They will laugh at the fashions and marvel at how much they looked like you.

Capture House Weddings have searched the UK far and wide to find the finest suppliers in the country. We believe a great wedding photo album should be available to everyone so while looking for the best quality, we have also kept budget in mind. You can download our Album Price Guide here.

A picture can say a thousand words but memories are priceless...

If you would like to discuss photo album options or would like to find out more information about pricing, please contact us by emailing and a member of our team will be able to answer any questions you have.

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