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Once your information has been submitted you will be an emailed your FREE wedding planning guide. A member of our team will contact you to see if there anyway Capture House Weddings can help with your wedding organising.

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How to Plan a Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Wedding Planning

When it is all done with an engagement announcement, we can start planning a wedding! Maybe you wonder why people choose not to marry if they don't want a wedding to happen? We'll give you a guide for all the steps needed to successfully complete a wedding planning task. This step-by-step guide to planning weddings consists of everything a wedding planner needs to accomplish.

Your wedding planning journey made easy.

Free wedding planning kits

Our team of wedding industry experts have worked closely with various wedding suppliers in Essex and newly married couples to create the ultimate wedding planning guide. This pack contains useful advice, handy templates and tips from recently married couples to ensure that nothing is forgotten and you can plan your wedding stress-free. This pack is worth over £70.00 but we are giving it to you for FREE.


What's Included in this wedding planner?

• Checklists

• Budgeting Guide

• Tips for picking your venue

• Tips for picking a photographer

• Recommended Suppliers

• Wedding Inspiration

• Cost-saving ideas

• Guestlist Eliminator

• Wedding Day Schedule

• Advice from our married couples

• How to tie a cravat

• How to put on a buttonhole


Check In On Your Wedding Budget

We want to emphasise that regular checks are incredibly important for the budget of your wedding. You spent hours preparing your plan - how can I afford this? We understand it is difficult to see expenses increase, but keeping your budget in check during your wedding planning helps keep your expenditure on track.


Research Wedding Styles

Before making any booking you will want to gather countless wedding ideas for your big day. There are so many sources of inspiration which may seem intimidating. Remember that these are thoughts. If we love a few different things, we aren't required to make them at a wedding. As an example of the real British wedding, you can see how real British couples were involved. Pinterest is an excellent tool for creating boards for weddings and brainstorm ideas.

Find Your Perfect Venue

Once your budget and the theme have been determined, you will begin planning the venue for your wedding. When booking your wedding venues you must choose a wedding date and location and you need a maximum guest population. If you want a venue for the wedding you want to find, meet up with whoever you are planning to invite. Let's return to my wedding vision & priorities. When both of us envision the magical castle venue in the dream and the others envision the rustic barn location, the compromise is likely to be necessary.

Set Time Aside to Review Contracts

Before you accept a wedding venue you should review them thoroughly. This agreement is legally enforceable and you want to be sure the contract protects the company. 9 % of the wedding supplier or venue may require hefty payments on a most precious day of your life - make yourself comfortable in this process and ensure the security of everything you have done before you sign the deal.

Hire an Officiant

If your marriage does occur outside the church then someone should make it formal. Couples should use a professional or make it a more personal approach by arranging a special honour.

Mitch _ Fran-356.jpg
Mr _ Mrs Folorunsho-40.jpg

Send Your Save the Dates

Even after most people have told you you want to marry now, it should finally become official. Your wedding invitations should be sent at least 3 to 6 weeks ahead of the wedding date, however it is never too early to pick a designer or stationery supplier you like. Please send us a Save the Date card immediately upon your wedding date to ensure your guests have a safe, arranged date.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Obviously, that will be a matter of money for you. All things should work out. But when your funds are available and your confidence is important, it'll be your time to get in touch. This person will be your right hand and guide you through the entire decision-making process.

Hire Vendors Who Book Up Quickly, Including Your Photographer, Band, DJ, and Videographer

These people will make your night fun. Do research before hiring if you are preparing for engagements. Seriously, this might be an interesting friendship.

Megan & Mike-93.jpg

Buy Wedding Insurance

The average wedding cost in England in 2022 is £20,000. A budget of £20k for weddings seems hefty but considering your venue, food, wine, wedding dress and other wedding essentials you can immediately see the effect on them all. When a wedding happens, it doesn’t feel romantic, but it is always best to prepare yourself to do it. Buying a wedding insurance plan immediately after you have paid your bill may help you to have peace of mind. Wedding Insurance can help to relieve your stress during the planning of your wedding!

Choose a Color Theme and Start Thinking of Overall Design

Put on a Pinterest board, people. It's now time for inspiration to begin selecting colors and creating the mood boards. If you have difficulty with a bit about your blog, Capture House Weddings recommends stepping into something you already know. —and get inspired by this.

Smoke added.jpg

Start Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Maybe you know what you want but not sure, that's fine. To start with, this look on laces like Pinterest & Instagram for inspirations and local dress shops.

Order Rental Items, Such as Specialty Chairs, Linens, Draping, Lounge Furniture, Dance Floor, Etc.

It is possible you see these extras as extras. The best rental essentially acts as the foundation of a bridesmaid's decoration. Conclusion: Don't spend too much on upgraded chairs or comfortable lounges.

Mike and Rachel Wedding 2-8-19-251.jpg
Ben & Georgia-1048.jpg

Book the Rehearsal-Dinner Venue

Traditionally, the family of the brides pay for rehearsal meals so you should see it as another way you are obliged by their future mother-in-law should that be the case. You still have to decide the theme of your event (especially for someone else) and when it's scheduled. Our family loves hosting family-style meals in your favourite restaurant or choosing an informal occasion like clam baking or backyard BBQ - choose from our wide range of options. 

Create a Schedule of the Day's Events

The next stage is the preparation of the schedule. Not only does it provide you with some tools to work on and remind you if something you forgot. The fact that you wrote it in your notebook allows you to prepare your order for the day cards or signs that may be suitable for the wedding invitation. Depending on your schedule, make sure that your vendors arrive at a specific moment of their presence at your event. You may include the time when the dance starts as well as when you cut the cake.

Send the Wedding Invitations (With RSVPs Due 1 Month Before the Wedding)

You did that hardest part: selecting a place. Just make sure that the documents have been scanned and assembled.

B&G (714 of 1044).jpg

Select the Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridal Party Accessories and Schedule Fittings Within the Month

After obtaining the information you need, ask someone to come visit you in person - they will be there if they are in proximity. It's helpful to view the person wearing the clothing and you can ask what they think about the option you are thinking of. It must be worn before crowds of hundreds. Keep your accessories on hand when it's on. It is the new trend of choosing a palette of colors—such as white, grey, and burgundy—allowing your team to decide what colors will suit your outfit. You may want to see the best ways to pull off mismatchee dresses!

Hire the Ceremony Musicians

If you want to hire three-piece musicians, then this should be done. When it comes back to music, we'd recommend not going generic when going personal.

J_G (1566 of 1569).jpg
H&J (54 of 469).jpg

Decide on Toast, Speeches and Readings

It's important that people are aware. It's never inappropriate for a maid of honor speech! Decide who the speaker should speak to, read and toast - and this will also give you some great opportunities to include people not selected as the main roles on a wedding! They may feel like a significant part of your event, despite the fact that they're not in bridesmaid dresses. Get married with expert advice.

Write Your Vows

The big wedding soon approaches, and you and your partner should begin thinking about your marriage vows. When writing down your wedding vows, it's still worth writing down some notes and key points.

Book Hotel-Room Blocks for Guests

You can block rooms for guests (or you can have them lowered in price) by doing so. Tell me the most important information.

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Louise & Alfie-648.jpg

Check-in With Your Wedding Venue and Suppliers

Within a week prior to your wedding we recommend calling all of your major wedding suppliers and venues so that you have a final minute request for your wedding day and have total confidence in your decision.

Book the Newlyweds' Transportation (Limo, Specialty Car, etc.)

Buy All Small Items

Besides table numbers they contain toasters, flutes, cake toppers, and cake stands. Make sure you buy a pair of sunglasses and a pajamas at your reception. So keep the signs (welcome, guestbook, dance shoes...) intact.

Brainstorm Guest Favors and Gift Bags

It doesn't take much to give and give away favors and presents. You can decide now. Here're the most popular gift choices. Come on!

Book a Photo-Booth Rental

Photo booths became a popular reception staple, but look for something a little bigger in style than standard steps and shoots.


Book Your Honeymoon

Booking your wedding is probably a good part of your planning process, because your wedding is your dream vacation. If you planned your wedding costs for the wedding, then you could book things quickly, or you can have selected your gift lists as a substitute for your honeymoon expenses. In this case, it may be worth waiting until after the wedding to book the venue. If you are still conscious of budget then it's possible to make an early minimoon before your wedding to offer you some time off to relax and enjoy your newly married life.

Buy Wedding Party Gifts

The total cost is decided individually, but regardless of the cost, the purpose of giving should always be as thoughtful, functional and customized as possible. Is this a good idea?

  • How do we book Capture House Weddings?
    The first thing we need to know is if we're available on your wedding day. This can be done by phoning or emailing us. We would be more than happy to arrange a meeting before you book free of charge. Once you're happy to proceed with the booking, we require a 50% deposit to secure the date.
  • How long until we see our photos?
    2-4 weeks, you will receive a link to a online gallery. We're very lucky to have a team editing our weddings meaning we can deliver images quickly. Albums can take a little longer at 4-6 weeks. When it's ready, we'll post it to you with a USB of all the digital files in a personalised gift box.
  • How many photos should we expect?
    This can vary depending on the amount of guests, hours of coverage and any planned events. For a full day it's usually no less than 700 photographs.
  • What happens if you're ill on the day?
    If your selected photographer is really ill and can't photograph your wedding day, another member of our team will step in and do an incredible job.
  • What happens if the weather is bad on the day?
    Our photographers are 100% weatherproof. It's our job to make sure you feel comfortable and get incredible photos so if you don't mind braving the elements with us, great! If you want to take stunning photos inside your venue, we can do that too. We're used to being thrown into all sorts of situations that requires us to think on our feet, it's why we love what we do.
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