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Different wedding photography styles - what is right for you?

Having a photographer 📸 is essential for any wedding and it can be loads of fun to choose!

There are 3️⃣ types of wedding photography: reportage, traditional and contemporary photography. Let's explain these and see which type will suit you 💒

1️⃣ Contemporary Photography

This takes inspiration from fashion photography. Contemporary wedding photography has posed shots where the photographer will be looking for exciting lighting and angles 💡 While stunning, these may be less about the day itself or the couple but the vision 👀 of the photographer.

👍 stunning and artistic shots

👎 could lose personality and mood

2️⃣ Traditional Photography

The traditional style focuses on taking posed shots of the couple and the group at large and involves direction from the photographer and time from the wedding party ⏰🎉 It may not necessarily capture the emotions of the day as a whole, but will give you some beautiful group shots from your wedding.

👍 classic and timeless shots

👎 takes up time and may miss some of the emotion

3️⃣ Reportage Photography

The aim of this type of photographer is to document your special day in an unobtrusive fashion, capturing candid moments. A reportage photographer will capture the emotions of the day and is usually happy to conduct some formal/traditional shots too!

👍 captures emotion and story of the day

👎 might not include traditional shots (so check if you want them!)

At Capture House Weddings we specialise in Reportage Photography but make sure to offer formal photos too!



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