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Sam & Beth's Wedding at Markshall Estate

At Capture House Weddings, we had the pleasure of not only attending but also capturing the spectacular wedding of our very own Sam and her lovely wife, Beth! As guests and photographers, we experienced firsthand the magic of their special day.

Sam and Beth's wedding was nothing short of fabulous! Their ceremony was a beautiful celebration of love, followed by an evening of unforgettable festivities that truly embodied the spirit of the House Groupers.

One of the highlights of the day was undoubtedly the vibrant and energetic party, where we danced the night away surrounded by love and laughter. And of course, we couldn't resist adding some extra flair to the celebration with our signature smoke bomb photos, capturing the joy and excitement of the moment in vivid colour.

We were honoured not only to witness Sam and Beth's union as friends but also to document their love story through both photography and videography. It was a privilege to be entrusted with such an important task and to see their wedding featured in Rock n Roll Bride Magazine, a testament to the uniqueness and creativity of their day.