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Lisa and Stephen Wedding

On June 18th, Lisa and Stephen celebrated their wedding day surrounded by family and friends at the picturesque Clearwell Castle in Colford. It was a beautiful day filled with love and joy, despite the small fire that occurred during the reception! Jesse and Patryk were on hand to film the big day so that Lisa and Stephen could look back fondly on this special moment for years to come.

The ceremony was full of emotion as the couple declared their love for one another. After being pronounced husband and wife, Lisa and Stephen made their way down the aisle to start celebrating their new life together!

The reception marked the start of all the fun! Guests enjoyed delicious food, shared stories, laughed over funny memories, and danced all night long. Unfortunately, there was a small fire which caused some disruption but everyone remained calm while it was quickly contained by staff members. Thankfully nobody was injured - it just added an unexpected element to an already memorable evening!

Lisa & Stephen’s wedding day at Clearwell Castle is one that will go down in history for many reasons – not only for its beauty or even that unexpected fire! Ultimately though, what mattered most was how happy both families were for this incredible moment in time. We wish this wonderful couple much joy as they embark on married life together!



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