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Michael & Danielle's Wedding at Maidens Barn, Essex

Capture House Weddings had the honour of capturing Michael and Danielle’s special day at Maidens Barn in Essex. Capture House Weddings strives to provide exceptional service, creating timeless memories for all our clients.

The Capture House team was present from start to finish, ensuring not one moment of the ceremony was missed! They were able to capture the height of emotions from both sides of the aisle, as well as all those special in between moments!

The photos really captured the beauty and elegance of the Maidens Barn, a stunning venue in the Essex countryside, that provided a perfect backdrop for Michael and Danielle's special day. Not only did Capture House capture every detail of the ceremony, but they also documented all the fun and joy shared by family and friends throughout the reception, including 2 fabulous magicians.

The wedding video truly encompasses everything that made this wedding so special. From capturing sweet moments shared between Michael and Danielle to poignant speeches delivered by their family members and friends.

Michael and Danielle will have memories to cherish forever! Capture House Weddings is committed to providing couples with high quality services tailored specifically for them on their wedding day, creating memories that will last a lifetime.



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