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Janet & Kevin

On June 11, the world witnessed a beautiful love story come to life. Kevin and Janet tied the knot at Bickley Manor. The entire day was filled with joy, laughter and plenty of dancing! From their beautiful ceremony to their heartfelt speeches and dinner reception, it was an unforgettable day that no one who attended will soon forget. Let’s take a look back on the magical wedding day of Kevin and Janet!

The wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful, bright room at the back of the picturesque Bickley Manor. It was perfect for such a special occasion as everyone gathered around to witness Kevin and Janet exchange vows as they began their journey together as husband and wife.

Afterwards, guests moved to another part of the venue for the speeches and dinner reception. Here, family members took turns telling stories about Kevin and Janet while they looked on with big smiles on their faces.

What would a wedding be without some good old fashioned dancing? Once guests made it to the dance floor, there was no stopping them – they danced all night long! Even those who said they wouldn’t be hitting up any dance moves couldn’t help but join in on all the fun. There truly wasn’t any shortage of entertainment that night!

It’s always so wonderful when two people commit themselves to each other for life. On June 11th at Bickley Manor we were lucky enough to witness just that – two people exchanging vows filled with promises of love now & forever. We wish you nothing but all things lovely!



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