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Danni & Simon Surprise Wedding

Danni & Simon's wedding was always going to be very different to any wedding we have shot before... Why? The groom didn't know he was getting married until the morning of the wedding.

The wedding took place at Wandsworth Town Hall with close friends and family. Danni had made all of the details herself including matching leather jackets for the bridesmaids, confetti cones made from Harry Potter books and all of the table decorations at the reception. She'd clearly put a lot of work into making this day possible (and keeping it a surprise).

The couple had been together 10 years to the date of the wedding, first meeting while at work together. For the past 8 months, Danni secretly planned with help from both families a beautiful, intimate wedding on their 10th anniversary. Simon was clearly taken back by all the hard work and planning that went into this wedding and we don't think he could ask for a better present.

Danni & Simon are clearly perfect for each other and we wish them and their daughter Darcey all the best in the future.



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