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Jess & Greg's Engagement Shoot

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of joining Jess and Greg at Marks Hall in Coggeshall for their engagement shoot.

We talked about their wedding day, what surprises they have in store for their guests, our love for Barnston Lodge as a wedding venue, and anything they still needed help with. One of the things they hadn't thought about was group photos, how many to have and who should be in them.

Wedding group photos are different for each couple. some want to get photos with every one of their guests and provide you with a list several pages long and other couples don't see the point in them and would rather focus on living in the moment and enjoying their wedding day.

My personal take on them is that they're nice to have but the fewer you have, the better. At Capture House Weddings we recommend not going above 8 groups shots as it can end up being the most stressful part of the day. Guests wander off when you need them, others wander into the background photobombing you just as you're about to take the photo, it can be a pain.

We're really excited for their fast-approaching wedding day and after this engagement shoot, we know it's going to be great fun!


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