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Wedding Flowers - all you need to know

Wanting fresh flowers for your wedding? Check our list of flowers in bloom per season so you know when to book your wedding 💐

All Year Long: Lily of the Valley (one of the most desirable wedding flowers and not overly expensive either)!

🌷 Spring

Blossom, Tulips, Wallflowers, Ranunculus,

Anemones, Narcissi and paperwhites. Forget-me-nots and Fritillaries

☀️ Summer

Peony season!

Delphiniums, Roses, Stocks, Foxgloves, Sweet peas, Flowering herbs, Campanula.

Snapdragons, Scabious and zinnia.

🍁 Autumn

Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Viburnum berry,

Blackberries, sloe and apples, Hydrangea,

Roses, Spindleberry, albeia and pheasants bush, Gourds and squashes.

If you’re on a budget you can cut back on flowers and use the readily available foliages all around like berries and fruiting branches.

❄️ Winter

Amaryllis, Flowering viburnum, White heather, Euphorbia, Skimmer, Genista, Wax flower, Brassica, Hypericum berry


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