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Questions you should ask wedding photographers

Having trouble selecting the perfect wedding photographer for you? It can be a minefield with 100's of suppliers to choose from!

Well we've crafted a list of 5 Must-Ask Questions you should ask all potential wedding photographers and we want to share them with you:

What happens if you're ill?

Some will say that they have an alliance with another photographer but they could already be booked on the day or not available.

At Capture House Weddings, we're fortunate enough to have 5 full-time brilliant members of staff. You won't find another wedding photographer who can guarantee that someone will be there on the day like we can.

How do you work on the day?

Capture House Weddings include a FREE engagement shoot with every wedding photography booking so you know what to expect or so we can adapt to your requirements.

Not everyone wants to be taken away for an hour plus to take couple photos, we can nip out for 10 minutes here and there to ensure you spend quality time with your guests and we make the best use of the changing light.

When will I see my pictures?

The industry standard is 4-6 weeks. As we have a large team, we can half that.

We strive to get a social media preview ready by the next day but this isn't always possible when we have back to back weddings. Either way, you're guaranteed to see your images online within 2 weeks after the wedding.

What are your payment options?

All photographers work in different ways. The industry standard is a 50% deposit and then the rest a month before the wedding. Some require full payment up front and some have a fixed amount they require upon booking.

At Capture House Weddings we offer 0% interest payment plans meaning you can break the payment up monthly until the day of your wedding via direct debit. We have some couples paying as little as £20.00 per month!

What time do you leave the wedding?

The amount of times when the photographer leaves as soon as the first dance song ends is outrageous. We've been at some weddings filming and some don't even bother to say goodbye.

We are never in a rush to leave. If you've spent money on entertaining your guests, we sure want to capture your guests having a great time, busting a move or two. Our packages do say up to the first dance but we usually stick around for an hour or so.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do I feel a positive connection with this photographer and their work?

Am I comfortable and confident with this person’s work? Has this photographer listened well and addressed all my concerns?

Do I trust this person to capture the biggest day of my life?



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