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20 Must-Have wedding photos!

Your wedding is one of the most magical days of your life, full of special moments you'll want to cherish!

Your photos will serve as a beautiful reminder of your big day, so we've made a list of all the snaps you'll definitely want

1. The Bridal Party Getting Ready

2. And the Boys

3. The Arrival of the Bride

4. Father of the Bride giving away his daughter

5. The First Look (a real tear-jerker)

6. Kisses (not just the bride and groom)

7. Husband and Wife going back down the aisle

8. The Confetti (or whatever you're using instead!)

9. Bridal Portrait

10. Landscapes (get some stunning couple shots using your venues scenic views)

11. Alternative Backdrops (couple photos using brick walls, metal or whatever unique areas your venue has to offer!)

12. Bridesmaids (seems obvious but it is often missed!)

13. Groomsmen

14. Flowers

15. Decor / Table

16. The Speeches

17. First Dance

18. Throwing the Bouquet

19. Time to Party

20. Candid Moments


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