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Why we offer a free engagement shoot

We can all agree that picking your wedding photographer is not just about the end product - although this is super important - it's also whether you and your parent 'click' with the photographer as an individual.

One of the main reasons we offer a complimentary engagement shoot is so that we can get to know you both and you can get to know your photographer. On your wedding day you end up spending a lot of time with your photographer, usually from morning preparations until the first dance, so feeling comfortable around your photographer really does matter. That's why we feel it is so important prior to your wedding day that we all spend some time together, and what better way to do that than with a free engagement shoot!

Engagement Shoot

This is an opportunity for us all to have some fun, snap some amazing photos and spend some time chatting. We get to see how you interact with one another as well as genuinely learning about your personalities making it easier for us to catch those special moments on your wedding day.

The second reason we offer a free engagement is that we want your wedding day to run as smoothly as possible. Throughout the engagement shoot we try out lots of different poses, here we figure out what you like and dislike as well as what you and your partner are like in front of the camera. Some couples require more direction whereas others prefer to do their own thing. Like they say, practice makes perfect!

This takes away the awkward poses from your wedding day speeding the process up and eliminating the discomfort most people feel at the thought of having their photo taken. We often say to our couple to treat the engagement shoot like a test run for you wedding. This way you'll know what to expect and those fears will get put to bed.

For most people, imagining your wedding photos can be difficult. After your engagement shoot you'll have some examples of what they are going to be like as well as now having a bank of professional photos you can use for anything wedding related. Whether that's your save the dates, a wedding website or you need to sort your nan out a birthday present, these pre-wedding photos will surely come in handy.

Our final reason for offering a free engagement shoot is so you can get used to being intimate in front of us and having all the attention just on the two of you.

When it comes to your wedding photos you'll want a variety of images, including photos where you and your partner are kissing.

We think the most important thing about the engagement shoot is that you and your fiancé enjoy the day together and have some fun! At the end of the day, the best photos really do come from relaxed, fun and natural moments.


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