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Wedding Photography For A Nervous Bride

No Need To Worry About Your Photos When You Follow These Tips

Whether you don’t usually like your picture being taken, or you’re just nervous in general about your big day, these photography tips will help you to relax.

92% of brides experience nerves on their wedding day according to stats gathered by With so much build-up to your special day, it’s understandable that worries and concerns may set in. Wedding nerves are entirely normal, but it’s important not to let them take over. It may be easier said than done but being able to relax is vital so that you’re able to enjoy your wedding day and look great in your photos. Working with a professional photographer is a must for your wedding, as they’ll be able to help you relax and feel like a million dollars. Here are some tips for being photographed on your wedding day if you’re a nervous bride.

Book An Engagement Shoot

This tip requires some advance preparation – but if you have the budget for it, it’s a great idea to book an engagement shoot. In fact, some photographers swear by these shoots so much that they offer them for free. A wedding photographer Chelmsford firm explains that an engagement session allows the couple to get to know the photographer in an informal setting and vice versa. By taking pictures ahead of the big day, they’re able to build a rapport and the photographer can gain a bit of an understanding about what makes this couple tick. From the bride and groom’s point of view, once they’ve seen the great shots taken from the engagement session, they’ll have complete trust in the ability of their photographer on the big day so can sit back and relax entirely, knowing that they’re in safe hands.

Choose A Documentary Style Photographer

Forced poses and thin smiles are no good for your wedding photos. The most stunning shots of the bride and groom are those that are entirely authentic and casual. These are best achieved by your photographer blending into the background of your wedding and capturing the love, laughter and intimacy of the day as it unfolds rather than taking strained shots that make you feel awkward. When you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding, book a professional who shoots documentary style weddings which is the ideal choice for nervous couples who don’t necessarily enjoy the limelight.

Always Have A Backup Plan

The weather forecast is a common concern for those planning their weddings. If you long for outdoor shots at your wedding, then it’s only natural to be upset by news of a downpour. But if you have a backup plan in place, then there’s no need for nerves. Not only is rain lucky on a wedding day, but some simply stunning shots can be taken in the rain. Gather some emergency props together such as colourful wellies or transparent umbrellas. Bad weather can bring everyone together and creates some hilarious impromptu moments which create those long-lasting memories best captured on camera.

Although weddings can create anxiety for the happy couple, you’ll likely find that the nerves wear off as the day progresses and you can spend time celebrating with your loved ones and enjoying a lovely glass of fizz!


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