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Wedding Forget-Me-Nots

There are a million and one things to plan for your big day! It really is no surprise that certain elements get overlooked 👀

Never fear, we have created a handy checklist below ⬇️ with key some details to make sure you tick off!

☀️ Know when the sun will set! Golden hour is the perfect time for you to get some gorgeous photos, you don't want to be busy

👆 Have a "point-of-call" person. The first point of contact for vendors really is a must-have! You'll be so busy that you probably won't even check your phone!

🍽 Check your guest's dietary requirements and allergies! Make a note of these and give them to the caterer with where the guests are sitting

🥘 Order your vendors meals - some will even have this written into their contract! Speak to your caterer as they will usually do a discounted price

👏 Designate a small team to pack up any personal belongings at the end of the night!

💃 Create a list of "Do-Not-Play" for your DJ. Whilst you may have worked so hard selecting songs you DO want, it's easy for a DJ to add in a few of there own

📸 Have a designated "Photo-Wrangler!" This is to help with the formal photos and gathering the right individuals for each shot.

🚗 Arrange transportation for the end of the night for the newly-weds!

🏩 Book a hotel room block. Hotels will often give you a discount for a certain amount of rooms. This gives your guests a discount and costs 💰 you nothing!

💦 Drink plenty of water and make sure to eat! It's easy to get taken into the whirlwind of your wedding day but plan time for a good breakfast with plenty to drink


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