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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

The demand for wedding videography in Essex is certainly on the rise. Many couples are now seeing it as less a luxury but a necessity as it's a brilliant way to relive your wedding day, relisten to those all-important speeches and see loved-ones who may no longer be with us. There are many other reasons for clients who are asking “should I have a wedding video?” but the choice is entirely up to you!

Having your wedding recorded to re-watch time and time again is a great investment. You can relive your walk down the aisle, catch moments you might have missed first time around and share any moments with people who couldn’t make your wedding day, like the best man’s speech or your first dance. Moments like a bouquet toss and the real emotion of the crowd simply can’t be caught to the same effect in a photo.

There are tons of wedding videographers in Essex to choose from – so how do you find the perfect one who you know will do an incredible job? Well, we have created a list of "must-ask" questions below for you to use when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding videographer for your big day!

What is your set-up?

This doesn't necessarily mean what is the exact camera you're using and where they will be set up, but the kind of equipment they are planning to bring along which will allow you to gage how much control they want over your wedding.

Some wedding videographers bring large amounts of equipment that take up lots of space and want to attach a microphone to your dress/suit and will make you pose for the video camera. These tend to be more demanding and require more from you on the wedding day. You still get a great video from these guys, but it depends if getting a cinema-quality video is more important than you enjoying the day.

Some wedding filmmakers, like us, have small portable set-ups to ensure our wedding videographers are non-obtrusive on your wedding day. Our set up consists of multiple DSLR cameras that shoot in 4K, tripods, a small portable microphone, and a drone for epic aerial shots. Our aim is to be ninjas with cameras so you can enjoy your day without you knowing we are even there!

What happens if you are ill on my wedding day?

Admittedly, this is a very rare thing to happen to any wedding videographer but it DOES sadly happen.

Some will say that they have an alliance with another videographer, but they could already be booked on the day, in-experienced or not available. It’s important to also quiz wedding videographers on their backup plan in case of an emergency. There could be an issue with the video shooting such as missing or broken equipment, problems with lighting and so on. It’s a good idea to ensure that the videographer has a backup plan in case of any glitch during the wedding.

At Capture House Weddings, we're fortunate enough to have 5 full time brilliant members of staff. You won't find another wedding videographer who can guarantee that someone will be there on the day like we can.

How many operators will be there on the day?

Many wedding videographers work as a one-man-band which is great but this can lead to mistakes being made if they are shooting with multiple cameras or less time shooting the reception as they will be lugging the same amount of equipment and require more time to set it all up and pack it down.

We have a rule at Capture House Weddings. One operator per camera. This ensures that we are able to get the most out of each camera and there isn't a chance that a camera will run-out of memory or battery. Having one operator per camera also allows us to fix any problems that may arise including people deciding to step in front of a camera.

Do you have a full drone license?

The amount of wedding videographers that use or are unlicensed drone operators is outrageous. The reason why it's important to you is that if something goes wrong (they crash, the drone hits someone) they are not insured and you are left to pick up the pieces and may have to pay for damages if the pilot refuses.

We only work with fully CAA accredited drone pilots with drone and public liability insurance. We won't break rules and fly anywhere we're not supposed to which ensures for a hassle/risk-free wedding.

Drone at Hedingham Castle

When will I get the video?

You hear nightmare stories where some couples wait over 6 months for their wedding video! Luckily for our wedding couples, our 5 person team is full-time meaning we can turnaround weddings quicker than most.

We expect to have your wedding video finished around 3-4 weeks after your wedding.

Haven't picked your wedding photographer yet? Read our blog post on the 6 questions you must ask your wedding photographer for your big day!



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