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Stuart & Amber Engagement Shoot

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Amber & Stuart in and around our studio for their engagement shoot. As soon as these guys walked through the door, I knew they would be a fun couple to get to know better and work with.

I took the opportunity to find out more about what they have planned for their wedding in February 2020 and talk through some ideas for their big day.

The weather wasn't working with us during the shoot so our first instincts opted for the studio but the formal setting didn't reflect either of their personalities so we headed outside and braved the wind and rain. It was cloudy and wet, and even though these two weren't used to being in front of the lens, by the end of the photoshoot they fully embraced the weather and had plenty of fun.

The Capture House team are all looking forward to seeing Amber and Stuart again and capturing all the beautiful, natural and fun moments throughout their big day!


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