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Should I Have A Wedding Video?

Opting to have a videographer film your wedding may not be for every couple, but for some, it could be the best decision you make throughout the whole planning process.

We love a good party at Capture House Weddings and what better party is there than a wedding? There are not many times in your life when all of your friends and family get together, publicly put your heart on the table and then have a big knees-up. For many people and me included (Jordan), it's the best day of your life.

Something I didn't do and now regret is booking a wedding videographer for my big day. This is something I hear too often from other married couples. Read on for our helpful tips and expert opinions as we aim to answer your question – should I have a wedding video?

What Would Videography Add to My Wedding?

If you ask any bride what she remembers about her special day, she’ll probably tell you that the day flew past so quickly that most of it was just one big blur. There are some things that you may have missed out on such as the arrival of the groom or bridesmaid, family arriving for the ceremony or you may even be wondering what your own entrance looked like from everyone else’s perspective.

When you hire a wedding videographer, you can rest assured that they will capture amazing highlights of your wedding day for you to treasure for years to come. Wedding videos are becoming increasingly popular, as they perfectly encapsulate the essence of your special day – memories and sounds of friends and family that can be treasured for years to come.

Photographs are of course an incredibly important aspect to a wedding as those priceless pictures can be admired and displayed, but there is something really unique about a video that captures the personality and emotions on your big day.

Elderly Relatives

It's not a particularly nice note to start on but unfortunately elderly relatives won't be around forever. This might be the last chance that you get to capture them being happy/enjoying themselves. A recording of your wedding day with all your loved ones is a really nice thing to treasure and we know that it has helped couples in difficult times from other weddings we've filmed before.


People go into a lot of effort to handcraft their speeches and then publicly pour their heart out to a room of people. Yes you can capture the emotion from photography but the speech itself is lost forever. Watching back the speeches is probably our favourite part of a wedding video... especially when the best man rips the groom a new one!

The Benefit of Audio

Professional wedding photographs are of course a necessity on the big day, but one big advantage video has over photography is the ability to capture movement and audio. This means that special moments can be relived over and over again, like the bride walking down the aisle, the best man speeches and the first dance.

Personal Moments with Guests

A popular feature of a wedding video is that family and friends can record meaningful words on camera for the happy couple to hear later. Wedding videos are perfect for those who didn’t get to properly congratulate the bride and groom on the day. The beauty of a wedding video as well is that it captures the natural reactions between family and friends throughout the special day.

Dodgy Phone Recordings

The issue we have with phone recordings is that the footage is of poor quality and you can always hear the people talking next to the phone rather than the speech itself. Phones can never capture the same emotion and laughter you get from your guests and family in the same way a professional wedding videographer can. It's also nice to just let your guests enjoy the day rather than them live it through a screen.

Relive the Best Day of Your Life

The one thing we hear the most from our couples is that "the day went so fast, it was just one big blur". Photography can help you remember moments but a great wedding video allows you to truly relive your wedding day. If you've spent all that money, you're going to want to at least remember it all.

Wedding videography also allows you to see moments that you weren't there for. Things like the morning preparations, guests arriving or capturing everyone’s emotion as the bride walks down the aisle.

Isn't It Expensive?

It’s no secret – we know that weddings are expensive. Some see a wedding videographer as an additional cost that needs to be squeezed into the budget, whilst others believe it’s a service that cannot be missed and is worth compromising on another expense to afford one.

With Capture House Weddings, you’ll find that wedding videography is not as expensive as you may think! We have a range of wedding photo and video packages available to suit your budget and we also have payment plan options to help spread the cost. No one has ever regretted receiving a wedding video – so what are you waiting for?

To summarise, yes – you should have a wedding video with the help of Capture House Weddings!


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