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What Inspires Us?

We all agree that your Wedding Day is a very special day, not just for the couple but for everyone involved. Each wedding day produces unforgettable and unique memories, and this is why we photograph and video these special memories, to prolong and keep them forever.

All photographers have their own vision and style but I think that the best wedding photographer is one who becomes a ninja for the day, hides in the bushes and captures the natural and intimate moments from the day without disturbing. There are photographers who stage many of the images they produce and there’s nothing wrong with this, as it produces a different style of images. The images we create depend on what each individual likes and what they are inspired by, whether it’s what we’ve experienced or seen in the past, including other photographers works and use those experiences and works to create our own unique visions.

Here at Capture House Weddings we work with many creatives from all backgrounds who all have their visions. We narrowed down a few names that we have come across over the years whose work inspires us to create our original photographs. The names are (drum roll)…

The photographers on our list have their own style, although share one thing; they capture intimate moments and the little details that make a Wedding Day super special. At Capture House Weddings we aspire to do just that, photograph intimate moments you and your family will remember and go back to forever.

It’s not just images and photographers that inspire our photography. It’s the work we do on a daily basis, being photographers and videographers 5+ days a week, we come across many challenges which we overcome with creative solutions (very handy on a Wedding Day).

We become inspired by everything around us, whether it’s a cherry blossom tree which we photograph through or use as a backdrop or a puddle that we use as a mirror. Inspiration is everywhere and we tend to use that to our advantage, whatever the situation or weather. Our inspiration is also fuelled by the location and the couple and guests at a wedding, the biggest inspiration of all. We tend to reflect the couple’s energy and enthusiasm and work with them to create their unique and memorable photos (even without you knowing).



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