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Natalie & Ollie's Wedding at Le Talbooth, Essex

Natalie and Ollie chose to capture their special day with Capture House Weddings at the beautiful wedding venue, Le Talbooth in Essex. Our team was there to film and photograph all of the morning preparations, the ceremony, and the grand entrance via boat on the river. It was a cloudy day but it held up for us so we could get some amazing shots of this special day!

Travel Theme Throughout

The couple had a unique travel theme throughout their wedding as they are both passionate about travelling. This made for some creative photos and videos that our team was able to capture from start to finish. Our team started off by filming and photographing the brides and bridesmaids doing their morning preparations and getting ready for the big day. The ceremony took place at Maison Le Talbooth before we ventured down the road to Le Talbooth where we captured some fun shots on the tennis courts with everyone. The bride and groom then made a grand entrance via boat on the river which was really something special!

Capture House Weddings Unique Approach

At Capture House Weddings, we have a unique approach when it comes to filming weddings – we aim to tell each couple’s story through our videos and photographs. We believe that no two couples are alike and it is important that this is reflected in our work. We love hearing each couple’s story – whether it be a travel theme or something completely different – so that we can better capture their unique love story through our films and images!

The Capture House Weddings team had an amazing time filming Natalie & Ollie’s wedding at Le Talbooth in Essex. We were able to capture some truly stunning moments throughout their day thanks to a combination of natural light, creative poses, stunning locations, and a travel theme that set this wedding apart from others! If you are looking for someone who will document your special day with creativity, enthusiasm, trustworthiness, confidence, wit, and friendliness then look no further than Capture House Weddings! Contact us today for more information about how we can make your wedding dreams come true!



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