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Natalie & Ollie Engagement Shoot in Frinton

We first met Natalie over a year ago to discuss her incredible plans for her wedding in October this year at Le Talbooth. This. Day. Sound. Awesome. Almost as awesome as their honeymoon plans which basically involves seeing half the planet.

We arrived at Frinton and soon realised I had made a colossal boo-boo. It was high-tide. This didn't stop us, we took advantage of the colourful beach huts and made our way down towards the pier knowing that the tide will be out once we make our way back. One of the things I personally love about wedding photography and engagement shoots is that you have to think on your feet. I love the challenge.

During our walk we chatted about how Ollie & Natalie met, travelling plans, what they're most looking forward to on their wedding day. Having shot a couple of weddings at Le Talbooth we know their wedding is going to be incredible.

The engagement shoot was a good giggle and these two were brilliant in-front of the camera, complete naturals!

See you in October.


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