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Megan & Mike Engagement

Megan & Mike have been familiar with some of the team since school and as soon as they booked us we knew that this couple would be great fun, especially because they're having a marquee wedding in Megan's mum's beautiful garden!

For a Saturday in June, it was surprisingly mild outside and the sun, as well as the rain, decided to make an appearance! We decided to do the shoot where the wedding will take place, this made a lot of sense especially as Megan & Mike's son, Albie, was going to feature in some of the photos after his nap.

These two said they didn't like being in front of the camera (you would literally never know!) but after a few minutes and a little encouragement, they naturally positioned themselves and were soon complete pros! Their connection is so strong that they were constantly laughing and joking throughout the shoot. This created some fun natural photos that didn't require any posing.

Megan and Mike are getting married later this year and we can't wait to be part of their special day capturing more memories!


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