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Luke & Megan's Engagement Shoot in Saffron Walden

Last week we had the pleasure of getting to know Megan & Luke before their big day in just over two weeks time! We couldn't have had more fun if we tried, with both Megan and Luke cracking jokes and doing 'crazy eyes' whenever they could.

At first, they were both quite nervous in front of the camera and said they didn't like having their pictures taken, but by the end of the shoot they were posing themselves and feeling comfortable. This created some really awesome photos (at least we think so anyway)!

After meeting Luke and Megan, we are so excited for their wedding in a few weeks time. We are certain it's going to be a day full of cracking jokes and laughter as well as being super laid back and full of love.

Bring on the wedding of Luke and Megan!


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