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Jess & Suzy Engagement Shoot

Last week I had the absolute joy of spending the morning with Jess & Suzy at Roydon Mariana for their engagement shoot.

This was the the perfect opportunity to discuss what they have planned for their wedding at Stonehenge (YES STONEHENGE!!) later this year and talk through what style of wedding photography they want for their special day. After chatting with them both I know that this wedding is going to blow my mind! With a pagan theme and boho style it's going to be quirky, fun and fit these two perfectly.

These two weren't overly keen to be in front of camera to begin with but after a few jokes and a lot of laughs they became naturals and let their personalities shine through! Personally, I am not a fan of posing couples too much as I want them to feel comfortable and natural in front of the lens and be themselves. I love getting to know all couples on a personal level and with Jess & Suzy, we just clicked so getting them to relax and act natural wasn't too hard at all and it makes me so so excited to be part of their wedding.

I feel like the photos we got really represent these two on a level, showcasing their passion and joy at being able to be together and get married! Thank you so much for selecting me to be a part of your wedding. I cannot wait.

Sam xx


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