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How to throw the ultimate wedding party - DJ Paul Hutchinson

It’s not about how many lights you have, or how big your DJ Rig is, (no pun there whatsoever so read on) it’s all about playing the music that means something to the Bride & Groom. This is your day, not the Friends and Family attending, although the right DJ will make sure everyone enjoys the night, the Bride & Groom must be the priority. This is why it’s vitally important that all of this is discussed in a meeting before the wedding date. As the Bride or Groom, you have so much to think about on the day of your wedding, so you need a DJ that will take away any extra worries or thoughts that you may have around the evening part of your day.

During that meeting, it is vital to discuss the music, especially the first dance, and even more importantly what song should be played straight after that, as well as the theme of the wedding so the DJ can make sure that his set up will suit your look for the night.

The party in the evening should be the time when all the stresses have gone and you can finally let your hair down and enjoy the night knowing that your DJ will provide the soundtrack to your future lives together.

My name is Paul Hutchinson and I take great pride in talking about my 30 years of experience as a DJ, so as you can imagine I have vast knowledge in music, not only dance music but every genre from Rock to Jazz and everything in between. With the experience of DJing all over the world as a professional club DJ, my speciality is in Ibiza themed weddings so if you are aged 35-50 I can guarantee your taste in music will match mine. Anyone younger than 35 needs not to worry as I have my finger on the pulse of new music too, plus I have a 17-year-old son and stepdaughter who make sure I'm “down with the kids’ still…….

As well as mainly specialising in House and Disco I can also offer that Ibiza touch with Mister Shed who is an exceptional bongo player who plays with me all over the world. I also have a vast contact list of Saxophonists and anything else you may wish to add to your day to create that Ibiza VIP experience you are after.

However, if you would rather have an “English seaside town” themed wedding with music from the ’80s including Culture Club and Bon Jovi that can also be delivered in style. (But between me and you Ibiza is the way to go)….

Get in touch today for a no-pressure chat over the phone: 07949297398 or email me at

Also, check out my website where you will find 5-star reviews from my previous clients.


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