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Gemma & Nikki's Wedding Video at Gaynes Park

This was a wedding a long time in the making and took place on Freedom Day, the first day of lifted restrictions. We were a bit tedious about what the day would be like but it was very relaxed and everyone had a fantastic time.

Gaynes Park is one of our favourite venues to work at because it's absolutely stunning, with everything in one place, the food is exceptional and it has a lot to offer in terms of wedding photography and wedding videography. The staff are also some of the kindest and most helpful I've met!

Capture House Weddings are wedding videographers based in Essex and have had the incredible opportunity to create wedding films at Gaynes Park Wedding Venue. Whether it's wedding ceremonies, receptions, or just a day of celebration with friends and family, Capture House Weddings has the expertise and skill set to capture these moments with stunning visuals that will stay with you for decades to come. With years of experience providing wedding videography in Essex, Capture House Weddings is sure to produce a wedding film that will take your breath away.

We're extremely proud of the wedding film we produced for this wedding and look forward to returning to Gaynes Park as a wedding videographer again soon.

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