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Gemma & Callum's Engagement Shoot

We first met Gemma when working together via our sister company Capture House photographing content for Robinson's, Pepsi, and 7up.

From the moment we met, we could tell that she was a super kind and fun person and was super excited when she asked us to photograph her wedding!

This engagement was nearly two years ago now at Dockey Wood, Hemel Hempstead and is still one of my favourite engagement shoots to date. Gemma brought the love of her life, Cody and her fiance, Callum 😂

Social distancing was still a thing at the time so to avoid crowds of people, they took me on one of their favourite dog walking spots which made the perfect backdrop for their engagement shoot.

We used the time to get to know each other more, try out some fun poses and just enjoy ourselves. That's my biggest thing when taking pictures, I want everyone to have a great time and feel comfortable in front of the camera. If couples are having fun, then so am I.

Look at the images below to see why this is one of my favourite shoots.



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