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Colour Palette Ideas

With so many different colour schemes to consider it can be a real minefield! We've created a list of the most in-style colour schemes (plus some of our personal faves)!

🌊 Ocean Blue, White & Green. Blue and white together creates such a fresh feel, particularly when mixed with green foliage. You can add warmth with earth tones, such as the terracotta. When looking at blues, think in terms of the ocean, from dusky blue to turquoise.

🌷 Burgundy, Dusky Pink & Cream. Burgundy adds a deeper tone to the romantic combo of pink and cream. This is a colour palette that works perfectly in any season, giving a look that's both seductive and fresh.

🍁 Rust, Burnt Orange, Scarlet & Wine. This is the perfect colour scheme for an autumnal wedding. The combination of this palette reflects the naturally occurring hues of the season

👑 Navy, White & Gold. These colours combine to create a sophisticated and refined wedding look. For extra "wow", you can include some subtle pastel touches, in the pale pink variety


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