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Netta & Adrian


Netta & Adrain's wedding began in the centre of Bury St. Edmonds and finished in their garden - with an incredible tipi. We're so fortunate to shoot weddings where the couples love for one another just transpires so obviously and without fear. Netta & Adrain wanted their big day to be a relaxed, family affair and they delivered this in abundance! 

The day party was smaller than most, with just 21 guests, all of which were family. The truly beautiful, and to be quite honest, magical part of their day was watching their two families become one. Their children laughed, their parents danced and the joy they all had was just amazing. 

The happy couple decided to have the reception and evening party in their garden. They had an incredible tipi set up as well as a bar. The entire decor was fabulous and true to both Netta & Adrian's laid back personalities. 

When the evening guests arrive the party well and truly began with music, dancing and lots of fun. Netta & Adrain's first dance was lovely, especially when their children were invited to join them on the dance floor. This moment really showed how two families had become one! 

We loved being part of Netta & Adrian's special day and felt blessed to capture their story.

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