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Wedding Photographer & Videographer


From a young age I've always had a creative side, despite being terrible at art! I used my creativity in a more practical, hands-on way making my family and friends devise plays with me or re-creating scenes from films - The Lion King was my favourite. 

I'd always had a passion for Photography and Videography. Whilst in school I'd taken Media for GCSE and A-Levels and found a new love. During sixth form I volunteered for Perspective Pictures, working on low budget feature films and documentaries. During my time at college studying Musical Theatre I had the opportunity to work with a renowned Make-Up Artist, Nicola Schuller, creating YouTube and Promotional Videos for her. This led to me being a videographer with MTV working on Beauty School Drop Out Academy. 


At 10 years old I joined Scene II Theatre School. Once joining the Scene II family I never left... even now where I teach there once a week! At 18 years old I started their full time time academy, graduating with a diploma in Musical Theatre. After graduating I worked professionally for about a year before joining Capture House. 

I'm extremely family and friends orientated. I pride myself on having an amazing family unit and a great circle of friends. My family are my biggest role-models and I strive to follow their values and beliefs in everything I do. In 2017 I became a God Mother, which totally blew me away and made me jump with joy. 

In my spare time I like to go to acting classes, binge watch series after series on Netflix (who doesn't do this?), go out with friends or family and travel to new places. 

I'm always up for trying new things, exploring new places and getting to know new faces so if you'd like to meet up for a coffee or a glass of wine to talk about your big day, please get in touch!

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