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Fil Straughan

Give your wedding some soul

Professional and Experienced

Fil Straughan is a professional and experienced singer with years of experience performing for weddings. He has been delighting guests for years with his unique combination of soulful songs and upbeat performances. Whether you are looking for a romantic slow dance or an exciting up-tempo show, Fil Straughan will provide the perfect soundtrack for your special day.


Fun and Engaging Performances

Fil Straughan’s performances are not only professional and experienced, but they are also fun and engaging. His upbeat and energetic performances always leave guests on the edge of their seats, wanting more. He is sure to make your wedding reception one to remember.


Perfect for Any Occasion

Fil Straughan’s music is perfect for any occasion. From romantic slow dances to exciting up-tempo numbers, he is sure to deliver a performance that will keep your guests dancing all night long. His unique style and sound make him an ideal choice for your wedding reception.

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